Information Technology Focus

Integris continually analyzes the IT marketplace searching for critical technologies that have the potential to transform the fundamental ways in which IT can serve the needs of the business. Integris focuses on delivering these transformative technologies to our clients in diverse industries. Based on our analysis there are four key IT infrastructure technologies that meet these criteria that we have identified.

Hyper Converged

Hyper converged infrastructures aim to simplify the deployment of virtual machines, through the simplification of all aspects of the virtualization infrastructure. Consolidating compute and storage into a single platform allows for the rapid deployment and expansion of hyper converged infrastructures.

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All Flash Datacenter

The transition from spinning disk to all flash is accelerating at a rapid pace, due to the value provided though the simplification, data services as well as performance inherent to flash. Leveraging an All Flash Infrastructure allows organization to have more reliable, higher performing storage while significantly reducing the complexity of storage management.

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Advanced Wireless Networks

Traditionally wireless networks have been considered basic infrastructure and nothing more, as a result organizations looked for the lowest cost, most basic equipment available as a means of lowering the overall solution cost. However, advanced wireless networks can change this notion completely as they can be used by businesses to refine existing business processes and new revenue streams where none existed before.

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Insider Threat Protection

Traditional data security solutions have focused on protecting data from outsider access via firewalls, intrusion detection and other similar technologies. These technologies which have been in place for years, but have failed to prevent some of the largest data breaches ever. These solutions have failed for the simple reason in that, the threats have either came from insiders or from hackers have already gained access to the inside. Insider threat protection refocuses security to protect against insider access through data analytics and user behavior analytics to prevent breaches before they happen.

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