Integris Solutions Group introduces the FlexBLOCK. The Worlds’ first unified infrastructure platform.
FlexBLOCK Solutions from Integris simplify all aspects of IT and enables lines of business within organization to achieve desired business outcomes, quicker, and more economically. The FlexBLOCK seamlessly integrates industry leading computer, network, storage and software defined services from industry leading best in class providers. This results in a saleable solution that can fit any organizations needs by delivering the world’s most advanced unified infrastructure. A single platform can scale seamlessly and effortlessly to address your organizations unexpected and dynamic business needs.

The FlexBLOCK offers unmatched choice and selection, flexibility and scale with uncompromised performance and reliability. It’s the single platform you any organizations transformation from Traditional IT to Cloud IT.

A FlexBLOCK Platform starts out with a mid-sized offering providing highly efficient virtualized infrastructure to run your entire business with plenty of room to grow. This single FlexBLOCK can easily and seamlessly scale and provide all-flash unified infrastructure which would be ideal for applications that demand the highest throughput and the low latency demands that are required with OLTP and OLAP applications. It can also grow to provide the unified infrastructure for your mission critical applications, reliably running thousands of virtual machines supporting mission critical applications on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix and more.

Why FlexBLOCK Platform
Integris FlexBLOCK is unique in that it’s a single platform. Unlike other solutions in the market place, our goal is one single Unified Platform that can expand and contract to adapt to your business needs. This provides a single platform, not multiple systems to be managed and supported. The FLexBLOCK Platform is a single point from which to manage the whole of your IT environment from. It’ is the way that you will modernize your data center, and improve the rate at which your business and IT transforms to Cloud IT. FlexBLOCK enables organizations to:
• 5.3X More Applications Deployed
• 6.2X Faster Time to Business for New Services
• 50% Less effort in Keeping the Lights on and Maintaining
• 98% Reduction in Down Time
• 35% Reallocation of IT budget for NEW Initiatives

As organizations continue to migrate their datacenter infrastructure to a unified platform like the FlexBLOCK, they will introduce greater levels of flexibility into their organization and better position themselves from Traditional IT to Cloud IT

Transformation with FlexBLOCK enables organizations to focus on providing value to the business. It enables IT to focus on the strategic aspects of their business.