Our architects leverage the best technology available to design and implement solutions specific to our clients’ specific needs.  Our architects have extensive experience and are trained specifically by the technology OEM to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible infrastructure.  At Integris we introduce relevant technology to our clients to accelerate and transform business processes.

  • Bridge Technology
    • As a trusted infrastructure partner by all of the major OEMs, Integris bridges new technologies with our clients’ environments
  • Proof of Concept
    • The Integris team can help you run a POC internally or at any of our national test centers, as well as running and managing the solution.
  • Single Focus
    • Our New Technology tam has the goal of searching out, discovering and vetting relevant new technology.
  • Business Alignment
    • We leverage emerging technologies to align with the goals of the business, while reducing complexity and cost while increase value to the business


What’s the right approach for your organization? Integris and we will help you figure that out.


Layered Approach

New technologies allow our architect at Integris to not only address problems our customers face today, but also helps the, solves for the concerns of tomorrow.  Our methodology is called “Five Years Out.”


Key Technology Focus

We focus on innovate markets to bring the most relevant solutions to our customers

  • Data drive business, along with security and information
  • Assured service delivery and mobility
  • Converged Infrastructure, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Composability and cloud solutions


Integris works with organizations to transform their IT infrastructure in order to provide increased value to lines of business within the organization.  We accomplish this by connecting our clients with VC firms and the entrepreneur process for a competitive edge with new technologies.  This enables our collective organizations to research and vet technology strategies to elevate and transform their existing business processes, resulting in a partnership within a unique ecosystem, for the best possible solutions that is truly transformative.