Rely on our teams’ 25 plus years of experience and a time tested, well-planned methodology to migrate your date center.  Data Center migrations represent risk for your business.  Integris alleviates your risk with proven methodology.

Integris consultants have a long track record of successfully migrating data centers with best practices to mitigate risk.

  • Proven Strategies
    • As a trusted data center partner, Integris will use a highly vetted, vigorous, and proven migrations strategy
  • Communication Plan
    • We provide a proven communication plan for your data center migration to proactively manage the process
  • Mitigated Risk
    • Our methodology ensures we mitigate and minimize the risk associated with data center migrations
  • New Technologies
    • We can help your organization safely introduce new technologies whole balancing risk should your infrastructure require updates.

Need a Proven Data Center Migration Partner?  Think Integris

Experienced Migration Team

Integris has a long track record and considerable experience migrating data centers.  Our experience allows us to apply our best practices to your migration, thus ensuring success and mitigating risk.

  • Qualified Engineers
    • We have the most qualified engineers to mitigate the risk of your data center migration and make it as smooth as possible
  • Proven Experience
    • Our team has over 25 plus years of experience successfully migrating our clients’ data centers and have a rigorous methodology to ensure success and significantly mitigate your risk
  • Minimize Disruption
    • Our experience and expertise allows us to confidently mitigate the risk, customer impact, disruption, and downtime of your migration

New Technology and Data Center Migration

At Think Integris, we always leverage our expert internal infrastructure teams to ensure that we can offer you our client the most innovative technology for your data center