Integris leverages the proven technology available to design and implement an infrastructure solution specific to your needs and business goals.  Our architects have extensive experience and are OEM trained to provide our clients with the best possible infrastructure to tackle your business needs and challenges.

  • Proven Track Record
    • Integris has been building complete and vetted Data Center Infrastructure solutions with leading OEMs for over 25 years.
  • Innovation
    • We help you innovate and transform your infrastructure by providing new ways to manage your data and ultimately solve your business challenges
  • Portfolio
    • Our solution portfolio of successful engagements empowers us to innovate and transform your business in and efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Scalability
    • The Integris teams unifies technologies that can scale to support your business today as well as for the years to come. Our methodology “Five Years Out” is the corner piece of every solution we create


Transform your Data Center with the latest technologies and export support from Integris.


Different lines of business require different storage platforms.  Together we alight business needs with the versatility of your IT organization and build you a solution that fits your business today as well as Five Years Out.

  • All Flash for performance based requirements
  • Tired storage to accommodate different values of data
  • Replication and Disaster Avoidance to ensure regulatory and business requirements
  • Data governance as a business process that allows for innovative transition


Think Integris focuses on networking solutions that satisfy the increase in applications and data demand placed on the enterprise network.

  • Application networking that us highly available across the entire data center infrastructure
  • Cloud networking for centralized networking capabilities
  • Advanced networking tools and monitoring to ensure 100% SLA obtainment


Integris manages and designs data protection systems that employ many different technologies and process to protect your organizations most valuable asset, your data.  Our BackUp Recovery and Archive (BURA) methodology ensures that your operational data is backed up to mitigate downtime and data loss.  Disaster Avoidance is built into the architecture at the core and that data is archived in accordance with governance requirements to ensure compliance both on-prem, off-prem and in the cloud.



This offers the greatest advantage to our clients, as our virtualization solutions enables clients to simplify and consolidate their IT infrastructure while maximizing your resources while controlling IT spend.

  • Consolidate hardware assets while increase utilization rates
  • Management of virtualized infrastructure from as single point of control
  • Automate your virtual environment to ensure compliance and optimal performance