Integris offers three types of briefings, Executive, Technical and Venture Capital.  Each briefing is unique and provides exceptions insight and guidance for our clients specific to their transformational needs.  Our Briefing Centers enable our clients get hands on interaction with the top technical resources, visionaries and organizations in the industry.  Additionally, they get exposure to the most advanced and cutting edge technologies in the marketplace.  Our goal is to help you understand who this translate from a business perspective, it will explain how the technology will apply to your organization.

  • Executive
    • This briefing is not focused so much on technology, rather it explores and emphasizes the key themes and transformational efforts facing organizations today
  • Technical
    • These briefings are we get deep and down into the weeds where were looking at specific technologies and how they fulfill requirements from the lines of business within the origination
  • Venture Capital
    • This briefing is used to help establish vision and direction for your IT organization, by meeting with early-stage companies that are on the cutting edge of solving the most painful problems in the industry.


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