Traditionally wireless networks have been considered basic infrastructure and nothing more, as a result organizations looked for the lowest cost, most basic equipment available as a means of lowering the overall solution cost. However, advanced wireless networks can change this notion completely as they can be used by businesses to refine existing business processes and new revenue streams where none existed before. The only limits of advanced wireless technologies are the limits of imagination and the ability to determine new ideas.


A perfrect example of how advanced wireless technologies can be used to re-invent business process is Levi Stadium, host to Super Bowl 50, in San Francisco.  Levi Stadium utilizes HPe Aruba and Meridian technology to provide complete WiFi and location services to all seats and areas within the stadium. Custom applications have been developed and distributed by the Stadium that leverage the wireless network for streaming of content and advertisements based on the users preferences. Location services are combined with an intuitive app for ordering food and beverages from your seat, meaning customers who didn’t previously buy as much, for fear of missing a big play now can order from their seats and their order will be delivered based on their location without them having to specify anything.


Integris has worked with numerous organizations to broaden their horizons and evaluate new means of driving revenue through advanced wireless networks. Our team have worked with customers ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and shown these organizations how through advanced wireless they can unlock untapped potential revenues and cost savings. Contact us today to set up an advanced wireless readiness assessment.