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Integris Solutions Group focuses on bringing transformative enterprise infrastructure solutions to companies looking to achieve a more robust yet agile infrastructure. Integris differentiates itself through our technical team and architecture centric solution design process, enabling us to deliver the right solution to our customers for their unique business needs. Our specialties include enterprise storage, replicated resilient infrastructures and converged system design and deployment. We understand your needs, your environment and your budget, from this we develop a solution that address all your needs and clearly demonstrative of its value to your organization. We have a mission to continually strive through our partners, our business acumen, and our team to earn your business

 How We Can Help

Contemporary CIOs, CTOs and COOs are taking a new approach by running their technology infrastructure as if it were a standalone business. They invest in infrastructure just like they would any business—expecting it to deliver products and services with the transparency and quality that they’ve come to expect from providers. Helping organizations achieve this shift is where Integris leads.

Harness the power of strategic agility

Information Technology (IT) has outgrown its role as a back-office cost center. Business leaders today are increasingly looking to IT to support technology-enabled business strategies. Our Technology Infrastructure Transformation practice can help change the way companies run their technology infrastructure organizations. We help our clients gain increased agility and scalability, lower risk, and improve service quality. Delivering effective technology infrastructure Many leaders understand that yesterday’s technology infrastructure cannot withstand tomorrow’s competitive demands. They need an agile technology foundation. One that’s able to adapt to new products and business models. Scale up or down to meet demand. Harness greater computing power. Improve reliability and performance. Stand up to cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. And more. Fulfilling these expectations requires more than technical know-how; effective technology leaders must also develop a business mindset. We help our clients gain increased agility, lower risk, greater scalability, and improved service quality across:

  • Data center facilities, infrastructure, and automation
  • Workplace technology, messaging, voice and collaboration
  • Server, storage, mainframe, and network
  • Architecture, engineering, and operations
  • Internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Financial metrics, operating model, sourcing, and location strategy
  • Ways to get more value now

Align technology and business leadership with the help of Integris and our strategic business partners.


our strategic partners


Our Innovative Team

Doug Cornell – Principal – Managing Partner

Doug Cornell is the Managing partner, and is responsible for overall strategy, financial performance and operations, talent recruitment and development, and delivery of services. He brings over 25 years of experience focused on business management and organizational design and strategy. Doug has led the development and implementation of change and solutions for business leaders cross the C-suite. He specializes in servicing his clients and has delivered large organizational transformations at many Fortune 500 companies.

Pete Majka – Principal – Technology, Strategy & Architecture

Pete Majka is a principal with Integris Solutions Group and leads the Technology Infrastructure Strategy, Architecture and Transformation practice. He has extensive experience in large scale end to end infrastructure transformations across leading global multinationals. He assists clients with issues around growth and agility, technology innovation, new business models, service quality, operational efficiency, and risk management.

Craig Rice – Principal – Strategy and Operations

Craig Rice is a principal with Integris Solutions Group. He specializes in delivering custom and integrated cross-platform technology enabled solutions. Craig is responsible for the strategic direction, operational execution, and overall leadership of its strategy and operations consulting services, addressing our clients’ most complex, business issues. For the last decade, he has helped clients in multiple industries with systems consolidation, governance, compliance, mandates and implementing new technologies and service delivery models. His delivery experience spans business design, systems integration, architecture, end to end implementation, and outsourcing.

Matt Bower – Technology Strategy and Architecture Leader

Matt focuses on new, innovative, and enabling technologies to help clients navigate changing market dynamics, deliver transformational business strategies, and drive efficient IT operations. Matt has 21 years of experience across many industries, with a primary focus on technology. Specific areas of expertise include cloud advisory, Internet of Everything applications, smart cities, industry vertical solutions, emerging markets, project portfolio management, and M&A diligence/integration.

Rajit Patel – IT Business Management Practice Lead

Rajit Patel is a director with Integris Solution Group and leader of the IT Business Management practice. Sanjay has over 20 years of experience, both as a consultant and in executive roles, delivering solutions intended to optimize and transform IT technology and operations. His deep insights and understanding of technology, operations, and strategy helps clients envision how technology strategy, infrastructure, and IT service delivery models can help them achieve their business goals.